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House of Scherbyna (now - Wedding Palace)

One of the main symbols of Cherkasy is a mansion built in 1892 in neo-Renaissance style, is an architectural monument.
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House of Scherbyna (now - Wedding Palace)

One of the main symbols of Cherkasy is a mansion built in 1892 in neo-Renaissance style, is an architectural monument.

One of the main symbols of Cherkasy is a mansion that was built in 1892 for Cherkasy engineer, Grabar, member of the City Duma - Afanasiy Scherbyna as his own estate. The building is an architectural monument. Architect remained unknown.

This is brick building, whose architecture is made in neo-Renaissance style. From 1907 to 1912 the building was leased to county rural governance. It became one of the prominent in pre-revolutionary in the town.

Before there was equipped a winter garden with a fountain. The yard was fenced witha forged fence. Near the mansion there was the home for servants and stables. It was a complex estates with stables and wings.

The internal layout of the building was partially changed. External adjustment affected the main (it held the door wide) and back (it is built semicircular building) facades.

After the revolution, there were placed Party and Soviet government authorities under the German occupation - the gendarmerie, in 1930 - the Palace of Pioneers. After the Second World War in the house there were party and Komsomol bodies again, later Palace of Pioneers, until in 1983 it was transformed into "strategic facility" - Wedding Palace which is now there.

From 2010 to 2011 there was restoration and repair work on updating the house.

Until recently, the building was of white color. However, after renovation Wedding Palace repainted in yellow and for spectacular decorations added night lighting.

In the park behind the house in November 2010 there was opened a monument to Ukrainian poet Vasily Symonenko. The basis of the monument to the poet are the lines " decline to me the rain on his chest" and "You know that you a man?". Height of over 2 meters, reproduces the image in dynamics - as if the poet comes to us. Wing, which envelops the figure symbolizes the talent, the spark of God. The author of the sculpture is Vladislav Dymyon.

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Cherkasy region, Cherkasy city,3 Nebesnoi Sotni Street

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171 Shevchenko blv., Cherkasy

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