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₴ 50 - 250

Once upon a time in Odessa (Criminal Odessa)

There’s a lot to tell you about it … Still it’s better to seen once everything with your own eyes. The tour runs through the amazing sparks of the central streets up to the heart of the Southern criminal capital known as Moldavanka. Take a chance to experience the world of local Al Capones and Bonnies and Clydes. Learn the stories of victories and mischiefs of city gangsters Mishka Yaponcik (the Japanese) and Sonka Zolotaya Ruchka (Sonya Golden Hand), secrets of mysterious Odessa catacombs, the old Odessa prison, courteous Odessa gangsters and even childhood of James Bond’s prototype.

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  • City: Odesa
  • Number of people :
  • Price per person : Child, walking | 50.00 UAH Child, Bus | 100.00 UAH Adult, walking | 150.00 UAH Adult, walking | 250.00 UAH

+380 (04) 870-06-05

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