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Byriuchyi Island Spit

Byriuchyi Island is a "spit" in the Azov Sea with area of 7232 ha and 20 km in length
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Byriuchyi Island Spit

Byriuchyi Island is a "spit" in the Azov Sea with area of 7232 ha and 20 km in length

Byriuchyi Island was formed as a result of reclamation of sand and limestone, so its western coastline has many bays and coves. Along the coast there are many lakes. The climate on the island is temperate, continental, with long hot summers. It is dominated by vascular plants — reed, bulrush, bluegrass etc. The island has meadow and sandy steppe landscapes. In the 70-80-ies of the last century the forests of narrow-leaved oleaster, elm, locust, and ash, were planted, covering the total area of ​​232 hectares.

The fauna of the island is represented predominantly by cloven-hoofed animals — there are red deer, fallow deer, kulans, horses and mouflon. Also, there are foxes, raccoon dogs, and pheasants. Most plants and animals are acclimatized, as up until the 20s, the Island had a poor wildlife.

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Kherson region, Kherson region

46.141453 | 35.088761

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Анна Анна

Неймовірно. Дика природа у всій красі, атмосферне місце. На блага цивілізації не розраховуйте, але відвідати варто.
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Елена Семибаламут

Місце для незабутніх вражень!
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Alena Orlik

Був гарний відпочинок, машину тиждень відмити не могли????????
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Зоя Подолян

Там дуже класно відпочивати!!!
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Чудова природа,гарне місце
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Natural objects and reserves

Azov-Syvash National Park

Kherson region


Hydrotherapy center «Garyache Dzherelo»

60, Naberezhna Street, Henicheska Girka


Thermal spring near the village Schastlivtsevo

Arabatskaya Strelka, village Strilkove, Kherson region

Where to stay?


Arabatka Beach Resort

Embankment, 29, Genicheskaya Gorka


Mandarin hotel

184 Myru St, Schastlivtsevo village

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