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National Nature Park "Gomilshansky forests"

The National Park "Gomilshansky Forests" is one of the most picturesque places of the Left Bank of Ukraine.
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National Nature Park "Gomilshansky forests"

The National Park "Gomilshansky Forests" is one of the most picturesque places of the Left Bank of Ukraine.

"The combination of the unique natural and archaeological sites makes the place to be a must-see for a true traveler.

Soils in the park are considered to be the benchmarks in their characteristics. So it is not surprising that the forests here are up to 150 years old. The pearl of the forest is the oldest oak in Ukraine – its age is approximately 600 years. In total there are about 1000 species of plants, more than a hundred of which are rare. The untouched nature has become home to wild boars, roes, deer, and dozens of species of birds.

The park is rich for natural and archaeological sites, the oldest of which are dated to the Neolithic Age. One of the most interesting objects is the Cossack St. Nicholas Monastery, built in 1648. A separate excursion, called the "Cossack Mountain", is dedicated to the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

The infrastructure of the park contributes to a comfortable eco-rest: you can arrange a picnic, set up a tent, rent a gazebo. Whatever you choose, here you will feel harmony with nature.

Gomilshansky forests are within 50 kilometers from Kharkiv, so you can get there by public transportation. In the nearby resort "Koropovi Khutory" you will find a plenty of hostels and other accommodation options."

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Kharkiv region, Zmievsky district

49.571176 | 36.294539

05747 30960


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Андрій Дегула

Доволі великий НПП де розташовано досить багато цікавих туристичних об'єктів. На території парку є бази відпочинку, тобто можна комфортно провести час на природі.
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Євгеній К.

Відпочинок на любий смак. Риболовля, прогулянки пішки та на велосипедах, ночівлі в наметах. Є непогані отелі, бази відпочинку, сауни.
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Краса неймовірна!!! Кругом ліс, гора, чиста річка. Пролітають над головою журавлі, дикі гуси, качки, чайки. Дуже чисто! Пісчаний берег. Кращих умов для відпочинку годі і шукати!
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