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Treasures of Kharakternyks


In ancient times on the Zaporizhzhia lands lived glorious warriors, who defended the land from invaders and attackers - the Cossacks. Among the Cossacks there were special ones, who had supernatural strength and special abilities. Cossack warlocks (kharakternyks) are descendants of ancient Magians. Kharakternyks lived in the wild uncharted lands on the so-called "Wild Poles". Kharakternyks controlled their bodies and souls easily. They could inflict to any enemy so-called "Morok", or even control a body of a stranger against his will.

According to legends, kharakternyks could spend weeks without food and water, see for many hundreds of kilometers, turn into cats and wolves, stay under water twenty-four hours and go out dry from the water, and wet from the fire, "throw a fog" on enemies and call up dreams, find treasures, spell wounds, raise dead, catch the nucleus, in one moment to be transferred from one end of the steppe to the other, with the help of special "veracadels" (mirrors) to see a few miles around him and know hostile thoughts.

It is said that kharakternyks also could unlock the locks, take fired kernels in the naked hands , live at the bottom of the rivers, cling and climb out tightly tied and even sewn bags, turn people into the bushes with the help of the Morok and riders into the birds, get into the ordinary bucket and swim in it under water hundreds or thousands of miles!

It is said that these Cossacks hid all their wealth, which they acquired in battles, in one of the caves in a rock at the Dnipro River. Until now, the treasure lies there and it is not known where exactly this cave is located, but the most mysterious thing is that the treasure is spoken and seen only by blood relatives of those Cossacks who hid and spelled treasure. Perhaps you are the descendant of legendary warriors? Visit the Khortytsia Island in Zaporizhzhia and find out!

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